Benefits of Getting a Keratin Treatment 


Are you tired of frizzy and lifeless hair and looking for a route to healthier, prettier hair?  Then you should most likely consider getting a keratin treatment on your hair.  A Keratin treatment is basically a chemical process that smooths and straightens frizzy hair giving it a healthy sheen.  The effect can last for six months.   The keratin treatment leaves deposits of keratin in the porous areas allowing hair to grow healthier and stronger.  Nails and hair are largely made of Keratin.  The alternative source of keratin that goes into the treatment is derived from wool, feathers, and horns.  The type of keratin treatment to be used depends on what sort of hair you have.


 Getting top keratin treatment in white plains is advantageous in many ways.  First things first, your hair will be much easier to handle.   It will give you a simpler time when it comes to a detangling, cleaning, and maintaining your hair.  You no longer have to take so much time fussing over your hair.  Keratin Treatment reduces heat damage by strengthening the hair and revitalizing its texture.  It makes your hair look lustrous and full with a perfect sheen as opposed to a frizzy and dry look It also reduces split ends as it temporarily bonds the hair back together.  Keratin treatment also facilitates hair growth by immensely reducing hair breakage by strengthening and fortifying the hair.   When the ends do not break off, the length and volume of the hair are more noticeable.   Also, the Keratin treatment lasts up until six months so this greatly reduces your burden of having to deal with frizzy and uncooperative hair for a couple of months.


 The obvious next consideration is the procedure of getting a keratin treatment done on your hair.   The time is taken to do a keratin treatment totally depends on your hair type, volume, and length as different hair types take different durations of time to respond to the treatment.  The duration spans between two to four hours long.  The first thing that will be done is to shampoo and wash your hair.  Then the Keratin is applied onto your wet hair.   The product must remain in your hair for about half an hour so as to effectively reach all strands of hair.  The alternative method is whereby your stylist first blow dries your hair then applies the treatment and lets it sit for half an hour.   Lastly, a flat iron can be used for some final touches.  Learn more now!


Finally, ensure you get an experienced stylist who will not ruin your hair and give you a reasonable price. Know more about hair at

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